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Large and Small Business Debt Collection

WCA also provides full-service professional collections across large and small business sectors. We understand the need to recover that much needed operating revenue while protecting your customer relationships and community reputation. When you partner with our debt recovery service you can expect the same ethical and compliant collection service we have been providing our clients for over 30 years. West Coast Adjustors abides by the strictest data security standards, offers competitive commission rates, and has customized revenue management solutions and measurable results.

Industries we currently represent include:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Commercial and Retail Businesses
  • Municipalities including Ambulance
  • Educational Institutions / Colleges
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • NSF Checks
  • Towing Services

The veteran collection personnel we employ will work with your patients; effectively resolving their medical bad debt accounts in a compliant, legal and fair manner, consistent with the way your own billing staff would work with a consumer patient.

W.C.A. offers many options for medical collection clients:

  • Pre-collection Services
  • Monthly Billing & Trust Reporting
  • Payment Monitoring
  • Legal and Garnishment options
  • Customized Client Reports
  • Live 24/7 secure on-line access to your accounts
  • Secure on-line payment access for patients available 24/7

Debt Recovery Service

West Coast Adjustors has been a locally owned and operated collection agency for over 30 years.

Specializing in Medical & Dental Collections, along with other unrecovered debt. We cover all of Western Washington and are members of the American Collectors Association.

WCA was founded in 1983. We provide direct collection and account control services for business and professional needs all over Washington, and Nationwide.

One of our primary concerns at WCA is the preservation of our client’s goodwill and this is a major consideration in the conduct of our collection transactions.

The business practices of WCA are performed within the framework of Federal and State laws.

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Celebrating 30+ Years of Debt Recovery Service


Medical Debt Recovery

West Coast Adjustors views itself as an extension of your own billing department. We have a debt recovery process that collects your much need lost operating revenue, without alienating your consumer patients. Our goal with our Medical / Hospital / Dental provider clients is to quickly resolve the bad debt and help you achieve your financial objectives:

  • Treat patients with professionalism and respect
  • Continuously educate and train your billing staff
  • Stay attentive to charity program requirements
  • Provide alternative and partial payment options
  • Maintain strict HIPAA and Red Flag compliance
  • Updates that maintain the highest levels of data security